Banyan by Daniel Waples & James Winstanley

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Banyan by Daniel Waples & James Winstanley.jpg

Banyan by Daniel Waples & James Winstanley


On first contact the Hang or HandPan is often thought to be an ancient instrument hailing from the East, however its origins are much more recent and closer to home, invented in the year 2000 in Switzerland. 

The Hang Drum Project is a collaboration between Hang players
James Winstanley and Daniel Waples. 

An evocative combination of original Hang compositions and organic world music, Banyan offers us a powerful accompaniment for yoga, dance and reflection. 

The album was recorded in a small village in rural India during 2013. 

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1. Square Mile 04:13    
2. Sukram 04:49    
3. Ein Sof 05:34    
4. First Rain 03:32    
5. Shaken Oak 04:27    
6. Gimatria 06:02    
7. Yankadee 04:35    
8. Omnamo 07:18    
9. St Chartier 05:18

Released December 7, 2013 

Hang/CasCas - Daniel Waples
Hang- James Winstanley
Guitar/Trumpet - Ofer Mizrahi
Violin - Julien Moretto
N'goni - Shahar Kachka
Balafon - Joni Ohana
Bansuri/Synths - Shani Ben Canar 

Banyan was recorded, arranged & producedby Shani Ben Canar AKA Digital Samsara @ Cosmic Event Studios - Goa, India. 

Cosmic Event Production 2013
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